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A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Future of Motor Insurance Claims Reporting

Do you recall envisioning the future of motor insurance claims reporting over a decade ago? The landscape has evolved significantly since then, and today, we’re introducing a leap forward in this evolution: Pocket Box Fleet.



Welcome to a Smarter Way to Manage Fleet Motor Insurance Claims

Pocket Box Fleet revolutionises how your drivers report claims, whether a single or multiple-vehicle accident, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, or even a broken or chipped windscreen. Our app provides step-by-step guidance, enabling drivers to efficiently complete a claim form and capture all necessary data, including:


  • Location of the incident
  • Images of the damage
  • Third-party details
  • Circumstances of the incident

This process is supported by a white-label portal and dashboard, allowing fleet managers to easily view and manage claims. Say goodbye to the hassles of delayed reporting, missing information, or inaccuracies.

Streamlined Reporting for Swift Resolution

With Pocket Box Fleet, you can set up automatic claims reports for your insurance broker or insurer. This eliminates the need for additional phone calls, waiting times, and the complexities of manual form filling. Reporting claims promptly not only speeds up the claims process, allowing for quicker vehicle repairs and return to the road but also aids your insurer in reducing claim costs and mitigating third-party claims. This efficiency could lead to reduced fleet insurance premiums for your business.

Discover the Benefits Today

Interested in transforming your fleet’s insurance claims reporting process? For more information, contact team@pocketbox.co.uk or visit our website https://pocketbox.co.uk to learn how we can help streamline your operations and save costs.