The Pocket Box App

In a strategic move to bolster the management of its growing fleet, AMC Construction Ltd has partnered with Pocket Box Ltd to adopt their advanced Fleet Management and integrated Telematics solution. Based in the picturesque town of Warrenpoint in County Down, Northern Ireland, AMC Construction is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its remote fleet of vehicles and over 100 construction workers, including passengers and other road users.

With a significant portion of their fleet and workforce operating in England and Scotland, AMC Construction tackles large commercial construction contracts spanning a wide range of projects, from traditional housing to high-end commercial ventures and public healthcare improvements. Recognizing the need for continuous improvement in fleet safety, visibility, and efficiency, Antony McCabe, Owner and Founder of AMC Construction, underscores the importance of their collaboration with Pocket Box: “We have worked closely with the team at Pocket Box to develop and implement a solution that will provide us with added insight, while engaging directly with our remote drivers to encourage responsible driving and vehicle maintenance reporting through the Pocket Box ‘Fleet Vehicle Check APP’.”

To address the challenges faced by their Warrenpoint office, which oversees operations while their fleet works for extended periods away from the Head Office in Ireland, AMC Construction has embraced the Pocket Box Fleet Management & Integrated tracking system. Rising fleet maintenance costs and inadequate communication with their remote team of bricklayers and supervisors posed significant hurdles. By incentivizing vehicle defect and machinery reporting, promoting safer driving practices, and upholding construction industry Health & Safety standards, AMC Construction has already witnessed marked improvements in expensive vehicle maintenance costs, driver safety, and real-time communication with their remote teams. Antony McCabe explains, “This has resulted in huge time savings for our staff in Warrenpoint, reduced fleet downtime, and a noticeable reduction in fuel costs. More importantly, it has significantly increased productivity, as vehicle issues causing downtime have now been resolved through Pocket Box’s daily vehicle checks and its online maintenance booking portal.”

Antony concludes with genuine delight, urging other construction companies to follow suit: “I really am delighted! Every construction company should consider implementing this solution! We have seen an instant improvement in remote workforce management and the challenges it brings. The software is simple and easy to use, internally and externally, and our staff have warmly embraced it.”

The exceptional level of customer support provided by Pocket Box Ltd has further solidified AMC Construction’s satisfaction. They affirm, “We are delighted with the high level of customer support the team at Pocket Box provides. It has totally refreshed the way we manage this part of our business.”

Jim Finnegan, CEO of Pocket Box Ltd, expresses his own satisfaction, stating, “We’re delighted that our integrated Fleet Management & Telematics solution is already having such a positive effect on AMC Construction’s lone worker and fleet efficiency campaign. The Pocket Box Fleet management and Tracking solution have been designed to meet the varied and often complex requirements of the construction sector, where companies frequently have fleets carrying multiple skilled operatives and high-value equipment. Since its launch last year, our advanced yet user-friendly cloud-based software and driver apps have exceeded expectations, attracting businesses from multiple industry sectors.”

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