The Pocket Box App

Cunningham Haulage Ltd, of Warrenpoint Northern Ireland, established by Gerry Cunningham in 1990 have grown into a reputable general haulage contractor with a fleet of modern tractor units and trailers. 

Cunningham’s have expanded their client base throughout Ireland, covering all aspects of general haulage. Specialising in flat trailer work for transporting steel and timber servicing the Construction industry and associated sectors.

Pocket Box Fleet has been designed to save fleet operators time by moving from manual paper-based internal fleet management to the Pocket Box cloud based fleet software.

Cunningham’s have seen an immediate change in fleet efficiency whilst seeing material savings in unnecessary maintenance costs and fleet downtime whilst bring fleet compliance under control making sure drivers, vehicles and road users are safe.

Cunningham’s key challenges were identified in compliance management and the utilisation of inefficient manual systems were highlighted after an initial demonstration of the Pocket Box Fleet Management software.

“It became evident that a comprehensive fleet management system was necessary to streamline operations and enhance compliance management” ‘commented’ Gerry Cunningham (Founder)

Cunningham’s immediately recognised key features and benefits of the Pocket Box Fleet Management system. 

The simple dashboard, traffic light system, and user-friendly driver’s app instantly resonated with Cunningham Haulage, demonstrating an immediate need for a change in their existing Fleet management process.

Adrian Cunningham (Director) said “The Implementation of Pocket Box Fleet system has delivered immediate changes in Efficiency, productivity and compliance management” 

He continues..

“The superior customer support and communication and collaboration during discussions to implement the system was a key reason for our decision to go ahead”

Cunningham Haulage Ltd commended the Pocket Box Fleet team for its exceptional customer support and dedicated backup service. The prompt assistance provided by Pocket Box in resolving queries and addressing concerns exceeded their expectations. 

Based on the professionalism and reliability of the support received, Cunningham Haulage Ltd have expressed willingness to explore additional products offered by Pocket Box, recognising the value of the functionality highlighted for future development.

Jim Finnegan CEO of Pocket Box Ltd comments’ 

“We are delighted to work with Gerry, Adrian and team at Cunningham’s” Our key strategy whilst developing Pocket Box Fleet was to make sure it would have an immediate material impact on how fleet operators could simplify Fleet management, whilst improving daily efficiency, time-saving and a system that is simple and easy to use minimising manual intervention.


The implementation of Pocket Box Fleet Management has resulted in a transformative impact on Cunningham Haulage Ltd’s operations. The system’s ability to streamline compliance management, improve efficiency, and simplify processes has been invaluable. Cunningham Haulage Ltd strongly recommends Pocket Box Fleet Management to other industry professionals, emphasising the professionalism, dedicated customer support, and remarkable efficiency gains they have experienced.

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