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Don't Leave Empty Handed

Our free downloads are designed to assist you in managing your fleet of vehicles. If you’re not yet ready to fully automate your vehicle management with our fleet management system, no problem! You can still benefit from our helpful spreadsheet-based templates.

Fuel Management Spreadsheet

Little Changes, Huge Cost Savings

Saving as little as 1% on your annual fuel consumption can have a huge beneficial effect on your profit margins. Pocket Box Fleet has been shown to reduce fuel costs by as much as 6%. Check out our ROI calculator to work out how much you could save. 

Mileage Tracking Spreadsheet

Keep Your Vehicles
Serviced And On The Road

The primary responsibility of a fleet manager is to ensure that vehicles remain operational. The key to achieving fleet efficiency lies in tracking mileage and maintaining accurate servicing records. Proactive maintenance measures can significantly extend the lifespan of your vehicles, minimise downtime, and lead to substantial savings by preventing avoidable breakdowns.

Driving Licence Expiry Spreadsheet

Keeping Your Drivers Legal & On The Road

Drivers and office staff can often forget to check the expiry dates on driving licenses, leaving your business vulnerable to operating an illegal fleet. Pocket Box Fleet reminds you 6 months before your driver licence is due for renewal, leaving ample to for the renewal process.

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