The Pocket Box App

Have you ever wanted a tool to help you keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance and requirements? Are you lacking when it comes to remembering your MOT, tax and insurance renewals? Do you value being part of a community that puts road safety at the forefront?


Look no further than these five reasons as to why you need Pocket Box in your back pocket!


  1. The first amazing thing about Pocket Box is that the app is readily available across all Apple and Android devices, meaning that we’ve made it as easy as possible to download our app at the simple click of a button.
  2. The beauty of Pocket Box is that it helps to reduce the potential for human error; lost your licence? Forgot your MOT? As long as you upload all the necessary documents BEFORE you lose them, then never fear, Pocket Box is here.

  3. The consistent development and improvements of Pocket Box has been an ongoing process since the company was founded in 2019. Backed by the efforts of a global team of software developers, IT technicians, and web designers, the Pocket Box app has been purpose built to ensure an accessible, premium user experience while also ensuring that all your confidential information is securely encrypted and protected by security protocols akin to online banking systems.
  4. Endorsing the partnership with Road Safe NI, the leading road safety charity in Northern Ireland, Pocket Box is keen to make a positive impact on the local community. Along with our Road Safe NI partnership, Pocket Box has received funding and appraisal from both Invest NI and Innovate UK, conveying the app has been developed with vehicular security and legal regulation at the forefront of the company’s vision, helping to make the U.K.’s roads safer.
  5. And to save the best for last, the app is completely FREE, so why download it HERE and keep your vehicles organised and road legal!