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The year is 2022, 7 years after 2015 when Back to the Future 2 was set, and we’re still waiting for the popularisation of hover vehicles… *sigh*… but for now, we can get excited about the unveiling of a teasing new trailer from DeLorean as the brand’s regeneration means a potentially new take on the iconic vehicle. The trailer is brief and mysterious, with the brand tantalising audiences with the tagline – “The Future Was Never Promised”, as the now U.S. based company pays homage to the Back to the Future franchise, which immortalised the car as a cult-classic in pop culture. While there is a lack of details surrounding the vehicle, it’s predicted release is 2023, the max speed is expected to exceed the Marty McFly88mph Doc Brown insisted necessary for time travel (Spoilers: the only possibility travelling that speed will present is a speeding ticket!).

The 15 second teaser shows off the stainless steel car’s instantly recognisable winged-doors, illuminated by a current of bright light. While DeLorean can’t offer time travel as an available upgrade upon purchase, the symbolism emanating from the advertisement, and the hashtag “#DeloreanEVovled” used by the brand’s official twitter account upon its release, all but hints at the company’s rebranding for the electrification of the transport of the future.


The current DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) was reborn in 1995 under Liverpudlian, Stephen Wynne, who will hope that he can maintain success this time round unlike that of the disastrous ownership of John Delorean, the company’s namesake. Founded in 1975 and setting up shop in Northern Ireland, the infamous tenure saw the automaker only produce 9,000 vehicles during operation, only to go bankrupt by 1982 due to technical issues with the car, with its founder becoming embroiled in a drug trafficking Doc Brownscandal as he tried to save the company.

With a global promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, there is major hope in the sustainability of electric vehicles. However, once the ‘Great Scott(’s)’ die down surrounding the revelation of the modernised DeLorean, one question will arise: now that it’s back, does it have a future in the increasingly competitive EV market?