The Pocket Box App

Calling all sectors in the automotive industry! Pocket Box has released a new function acting as a specialised solution to produce an advanced digital customer engagement outcome. 

Pocket Box is a free app on offer to the general public; doing the work for you to make sure your car is safe and legal. Simply by uploading all the necessary paperwork for your vehicle, the app enables you to store all your details in one convenient place, and we can assure that you can rest easy as all your personal data is protected by our sophisticated encrypted software. Through our push and email notification system, we send gentle reminders for a range of motoring matters – MOT, car tax, insurance, warranty, servicing, finance and vehicle ownership – meaning you never need to worry about the stresses of maintaining a vehicle again.  

Pocket Box+

Now, with the introduction of the new landmark feature, Pocket Box+, our services extend to the entire automobile industry. With no hidden costs, the app offers automotive businesses the opportunity to take control of your company’s marketing strategy. Pocket Box+ offers a customisable white label solution that lets you take full control of your services – adding your company’s colours, logo and social medias – making sure your brand is seen and heard. Additionally, along with the development of the Pocket Box Marketplace (exclusive to Pocket Box+), future partners will be able to advertise product offers and customer incentives to an exciting, expanding user base in its thousands. 

Pocket Box+ will help to reduce your marketing expenses by not only giving you access to a massive network of new and existing consumers but also by giving you the key analytical tools to let you observe your marketing trends and data. Giving you the essential statistics needed to improve your business, you take full command of your strategy for success. 

With Pocket Box+, businesses will generate customer loyalty and retention, provided via a helpful platform that keeps your clients valued, connected and actively engaged. Giving you the marketing keys, Pocket Box will help to drive you to that destination!


Download the FREE app here: pocketbox.co.uk/download/