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Pocket Box: The Easiest Way to Get Car Insurance

Are you always forgetting important dates? Are you losing patience with filling out endless questions? Are you a lover of all things convenient? It must be that time of the year again… the dreaded insurance renewal! Look no further than one of the most exciting, innovative and FREE motoring apps on the market, Pocket Box! 

Founded in 2019, Pocket Box is convenience personified in App form; simply download it free from your App Store (or scan the QR code), and gain access to this user-friendly mobile app which specialises in all aspects of owning and maintaining your car, motorbike or van. By uploading the relevant documents, Pocket Box will do the rest for you! From sending friendly reminders to renew your MOT, to checking your vehicle history via VDI, we provide a service which eliminates any stress regarding your vehicle (unfortunately, dealing with road rage is not included)!

Additionally, introducing our newest feature update from 2021, we’ve endeavoured to supply competitive quotes and rates for your vehicle insurance, offered through our exclusive partnership with one of the leading insurance comparison providers, Belfast-based platform, Seopa (parent company to Quotezone and CompareNI). As such, the functionality of this service means, not only will you receive attractive quotes from hundreds of reputable UK-based insurance providers, but you can also save your details and avoid the hassle of filling out those annoying insurance questions for the following year (and don’t worry, we’ll remind you when the time comes!)

So sit back, relax and put your seatbelt on, Pocket Box will do the rest!

It's free, so why not give it a try!

The Pocket Box app is 100% FREE, with no annoying pop-ups and no pesky ads, so why not download it today and get your documents organised.