The Pocket Box App

There are an estimated 1.4 million people who own motorcycles, travelling up and down U.K. roads each year and that figure only seems to be increasing, government data shows that since 2015 the number of newly registered motorcycles on the system is growing steadily year on year. This means that the need to make sure your motorcycle is road worthy is of paramount significance to personal and public safety.

With Pocket Box, the FREE motoring app, you will never need to stress about the maintenance of your vehicle again! Covering cars, vans and now motorcycles, any owner of a licensed vehicle which is registered with our app will receive friendly notifications whenever your tax, MOT and insurance is due. Make owning a vehicle easier by simply submitting or scanning the relevant documents onto our app to access all its features; make vehicle history checks via VDI, get a vehicle valuation, and take advantage of our new insurance comparison feature in association with Seopa, where you can receive and compare numerous insurance quotes at once, directly from the Pocket Box app!

So put on your helmet and take to the open road, let Pocket Box do the rest!


Download the app for free here: http://pocketbox.co.uk/download