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Pocket Box, a leader in vehicle management solutions, is excited to announce the addition of Naser Dajani-Keenan to the team as Business Development Manager. With a Master’s in Digital Marketing and Analytics, Naser is eager to contribute their expertise to Pocket Box’s growth.
Naser joins Pocket Box with a strong conviction in the company’s innovative approach and a personal passion for emerging technologies, including blockchain.

Jim Finnegan, CEO of Pocket Box, comments, that “Naser’s innovative outlook is precisely what we look for as we evolve. The ability this young man has to look beyond traditional frameworks and understand future technologies will be instrumental in our strategic development”.

Although blockchain technology is not a part of Pocket Box’s current offerings, Naser’s enthusiasm for such emerging technologies signifies the forward-thinking mindset he will bring to our team, enhancing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge fleet management solutions.

If you would like to speak to Naser or any of our fleet management team, please reach out to us today on: 0333 577 6602