The Pocket Box App


Small and medium-sized commercial fleets are seeking to streamline driver and vehicle compliance by replacing inefficient spreadsheets and paper-based methods with digital tools according to Pocket Box. The software specialist has experienced strong levels of growth since the launch of Pocket Box Fleet, with over 5,000 managed vehicles already added to the system in its first year.

“Smaller commercial fleets have traditionally pushed back against excessive complexity when it comes to technology adoption, so we have created a software solution that prioritises simplicity and ease-of-use,” explains Jason Laight, Chief Operating Officer of Pocket Box. “This is putting business owners and fleet managers back in the driving seat, giving them added control and complete peace of mind that vehicles are kept road legal and safe, while staff are fit and eligible to drive.”

Pocket Box Fleet was launched at the beginning of 2023 to provide a simple way to maintain compliance, reduce risk and save time and money. The web-based management tool automates fleet-related processes as well as stores relevant data and documents electronically, with at-a-glance visibility of key vehicle and driver information, tasks and forthcoming renewal dates and deadlines. In the past year, it has been integrated with complementary fleet technology to bring together a growing range of data sources into a single system.

Meanwhile, the Pocket Box app – suitable for any Apple or Android smartphone – enables drivers to electronically complete daily walkaround checks; report vehicle related issues; take photographs of damages and defects; and capture mileage data. It also includes a declaration form, so employees can confirm they are fit to drive and have not consumed unsafe levels of alcohol the previous day. All information is uploaded to the web-based software to support highly effective vehicle, driver and fuel management.

“Over 80 per cent of the businesses we talk to are still using spreadsheets, whiteboards, and paper-based files to manage their fleet, which is hugely labour-intensive and causing an unnecessary headache to managers, admin staff and drivers. Business owners are increasingly recognising the need for digitised solutions to better handle fleet-related tasks, gain real-time visibility of critical information and create an electronic audit trail to comply with legal requirements,” adds Laight.

Pocket Box is a cloud-and app-based software company that has developed a comprehensive eco-system for the consumer motoring, automotive, fleet and road transport sectors. The feature-rich eco-system is designed for ease-of-use and to support multiple integrations with third-party technology partners, enabling Pocket Box to deliver advanced vehicle and driver management solutions.