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A moustachioed opera singer, an animated talking bulldog and a well-dressed meerkat. What do they all have in common with one another? They have been established as the faces for some of the U.K.’s biggest insurance comparison providers, remaining synonymous with British television for decades. With over 20 million households using motor vehicles in the U.K. and a market value of £13 billion, the imperative of Price Comparison Websites (PCW) is to provide an accessible and functional platform for a growing number of consumers. So, WHY should you choose a price comparison website when making the decision to splurge on insurance? Money, of course!

By offering potential customers the opportunity to browse hundreds of quotes for their motoring insurance, the tactics used by price comparison websites ensures that competing insurance brokers need to work harder for their buck, while giving financial agency over their own money to the average motor user. Likewise, along with offering customers the ability to save money being the biggest pulling factor for price comparisons sites, their user-friendly platforms are designed to entice any potential customers to buy insurance through them by offering exclusive deals and money-saving sponsorships to get the deal across the line. Similarly, many of the PCWs have extensive penny-pinching functions when adding important details to ensure you get the best price for your insurance such as annual mileage, excess costs and reasons for use all affecting the overall cost of the deal. Throwing in the fact that all of the above features add to the user-friendly experience, all the functions make the site time efficient to enable companies to strive to push a quick turnover of numbers to their websites. Pocket Box


Now that we’ve covered the “why you should choose a price comparison website?” Now to figure out the “WHO”! 


Pocket Box have teamed up for a new unique partnership with Belfast-based price comparison platform Seopa (parent company to Quotezone and CompareNI). The partnership means that users can now find the best insurance deals from hundreds of UK-based insurance providers for their car, van, or motorcycle all within the Pocket Box app. The convenience that Pocket Box offers vehicle owners is now enhanced by the partnership with Seopa. Users are now able to find the best insurance renewal prices from a vast range of over 200 UK-based insurance providers.

Piggy bank for money savers



Simply download the Pocket Box app for FREE here and fill in any relevant details under our “Get a quote” section and you’ll gain access to hundreds of competitive quotes at the click of a button.